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Ride a Big Box Bike? Share a pic here

Proudly pedal your big box bike? Share a picture of your ride. If you have modified your bike be sure to comment with what you’ve done - and don’t forget to include a picture.

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A budget upgrade challenge from West Australia, picked up a Diamondback mason 27.5 DS that had been ridden twice for $150.00 AUD, bike was a 3 X 6 freewheel drivetrain with crap front(50 mm travel) and rear ( faux shock with coil spring) suspension & cable disc brakes and crap square press on cranks & bolt on rear wheel ( and plastic pedals). I set myself a budget of$500AUD for upgrades & have finally finished my budget beast & enjoy how much better the riding experience is, upgrades are; replace stock bars(600mm) with flat wake bars(720mm)and stem(90mm down to 40mm), brakes upgraded to Shimano hydraulic, drivetrain upgraded to 1 X 10 (32t chainwheel to 11t to 50t rear cassette),175mm racework…


Evan Poitra
Evan Poitra

This is my 2020 Schwinn Mountain pass.

Immediately upgraded with the following:

35mm wake stem

Jessica headset & 760mm handlebar

Snafu lock on grips

Continental x-king 2.2” tires

Blue fooker mtb pedals

Cysky 1x crankset 32t

9 speed rear cassette from advent

100mm shimano xcm front fork (40$ on eBay bid)

Still awaiting shimano hydraulic disc brakes and rotors.

This bike now shifts and climbs effortlessly, and even feels amazing on the road. Thanks for inspiring me KevCentral!!


Michael Cleveland
Michael Cleveland

My Walmart Schwinn Central. This is the cheapest bike I own (just over $200 incl sales tax when I bought it, $319 currently). This bike is also the most abused bike that I own. I commute on it almost daily in all conditions. It gets covered in corrosive road salt, slush, snow, & just about anything else you can think of. It is uncomfortable for me (frame is too small), but for my short commute it works okay. It is a true workhorse & I respect the fact that it just continues to get me where I am going with extremely limited maintenance. It is an AL frame, but still pushes the scale at 40+ lbs.

Upgrades: Studded tires for…


zombieshy guy81
zombieshy guy81

This is my GT Avalanche I got at Dicks a while back. So far have upgraded the fork toa Suntour Raidon bars and stem, tires to some E-Thirteen TRS tires, crankset and bb to the IXF kit, KSLev Dropper, Derailer to the 9 speed Advent derailer (Works amazing) and pedals to some Shimano clipless pedals.


clive almond
clive almond

I took up cycling in 2018 after many years (probably over 20) of not owning a bike, and after a few failures with cheap bikes (one had the rear axle shear in half for no reason, and one weighed a ton), I bought this B-Twin Rockrider ST 540 from Decathlon.

It's a small sized frame with 27.5 wheels as I'm only 5ft 4in.

The upgrades I've done so far are:

Shorter WAKE stem: Shorter, and uses 4 bolts instead of the 3 that the B-Twin one used.

Wider RaceFace Ride bars: Wider, and easier t properly mount stuff on.

Generic alloy spacers to replace the included ones, which didn't fit the new stem.

RaceFace Half Nelson lock on grips: The…

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